A Trendy New Use for Dead Malls

If you think you’d love living in at the mall, then the latest attempt by a British co-living platform to attract “nomadic millennials” might be right up your alley. Vivahouse is creating prefabricated housing units that can be installed in any languishing commercial space, from vacant office buildings to dead malls. The units consist of modular, prefabricated rooms that may easily be erected inside other buildings to create instant, private living space[1].

The units are very basic, featuring beds, minimal decoration, and large storage lockers of varying sizes. They come in a variety of color schemes and can, in theory, have additional rooms added on for more living space. Residents share kitchens and bathrooms, which Vivahouse says will “promote a community vibe.”

Co-living is already catching on in many hot markets where young, often single individuals are perfectly willing to swap large areas of living space for proximity to work or other attractions in the metro area. Add the incentive of a built-in community thanks to the shared living spaces like bathrooms and kitchens to the attractively low (relatively) pricing, and you have the perfect mix for many younger households[2].

In New York City, where nontraditional living space is practical a tradition, alternative housing options like Ollie, Common, and WeLive Wall Street (brainchild of WeWork), offer rentals for both the short- and long-term. Residents share common spaces including movie rooms, workout studios, and kitchens, and most of these co-living communities also offer amenities. WeLive Wall Street units are fully furnished; Ollie offers laundry service, and Common “members” can move from building to building without penalty[3].

Would you be interested in co-living as an investment or a lifestyle?






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